Friday, September 12, 2008

Chicago 6: Walking Around Downtown

This is from the bar on the 96th floor of the Hancock bldg. No, it's not blurred because of the cocktail. A tripod would have been appreciated.

View from E's room on the 26th floor of our W Hotel. My room on the 21st had a nice view of Lake Michigan, but this is more interesting.

A historical landmark in Chicago, The Rookery, designed by Burnham who I'd just read about in the book The Devil in the White City.

Chicago downtown is a great mixture of old and new buildings.

I'm no fan of sculpture or Picasso, but this works for me.

A great Chagall tapestry.

The bandshell in Millennium Park, from a scenic distance.

Oh, I'm in Chicago. I thought I was in Europe! I'm not used to so much architectural beauty in a North American city.


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