Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Spotted Pig

I don't know if enough can possibly be said about the Firesign Theatre. They've been babbling amongst themselves since 1966, and it would be a hard record to beat. But, as they tell us, it's a new record every time.
A friend turned me on to Peter Bergman and his crew when they moved to KRLA-AM in April, 1967, and I've rarely shut up about them since.
When I first went online in 1993 and discovered an actual community of Firesign fans, it was like coming home after 20 years lost at sea. In the primitive web of the time, I discovered Elayne, who had started a zine promoting the Firesigns after they'd broken up in the early 80s, and kept the fire alive for the fans that would create their future incarnation. She introduced me to the lads themselves and many good things have happened since then. Elayne started an online chat for fans of the Firesign Theatre in 1995, and the connections made through that chat have brought us all to The Spotted Pig in 2020.

Yes, they really do make grilled cheese sandwiches that big. "Doc's" cidre was surprisingly weak, unlike my man Doc Technical, but my tart, advertised as prosciutto and ricotta tart with marjoram, but actually an intriguing forest of elevating enrichment, made me see how such a light cidre would have its benefits. Trajectories well planned. April deserves her name and her fame.
Lili was eventually served and everyone seemed quite happy with their meals except Elayne, the mother of the feast, whose pancakes were not as advertised. That may or may not have been Celebrity Chef Bloomfield in the kitchen; we never found out. Elayne continued to make hilarity a breathable substance. More neurons connect. The better world the young Firelads of the mid 60s imagined is gradually brought into existence by those tentative enlightenings. And really good food is the least of it.


At 7:11 PM, Blogger Elayne said...

Great synopsis of Our Meal Out, Cat, and such wonderful compliments, my head is still spinning! Thanks ever so, it was terrific seeing you again! By the way, five days afterwards I could walk again. :)

At 1:30 AM, Blogger qsc85213 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................


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