Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day at Forage

The problem with the past is that it keeps receding from us. Things were awhile ago, then a long while ago, then forgotten as if they had never occurred.
My daughter used to take me out to dinner for Father's day. The last time was 1996. That was awhile ago.
I've continued to dine out on this day, remembering the past and imagining how she'd enjoy the new dishes available in this city since her loss.
The dish above is gnocchi with nettles. Only the 2nd time I've had nettles. It's like your own private forest. The greatest thing about this dish was that it was served in a hot pan, as you can see, so it never cooled down. The dish seems to float, just as the gnocchi did.
Below is a watercress soup with spot prawns. I recently attended the launch of Vancouver's spot prawn season, which has become a yearly festival here. Those were amazingly fresh prawns but these were even better. It was if the prawn wanted to fill me with goodness so I'd remember it as long as I live.I tried to savor each molecule, swimming around my teeth before vanishing forever. The prawn was telling me, "enjoy me in the fullest. I've given my life for your pleasure so make the most of it." The watercress soup was another revelation. I had never known how noble this vegetable could be. As it was a cold soup, I never had to worry about it cooling down and becoming less flavorful.
Excellent service and ambiance combined with the best apple cider I've had in a long time for a truly memorable Father's Day feast.


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