Monday, March 12, 2012

R.I.P. Peter Bergman

I had the misfortune of attending if not the worst high school in LA, certainly one of the worst. It was called Montclair, sort of the Fox News of high schools. Every day I attended it I felt myself getting dumber and dumber. Then a friend told me about Radio Free Oz on KRLA that had just started. This was March, 1967. As soon as I started listening, I could feel all that stupidity from school drain away.
This picture is from the Firesign's Seattle shows in 1999. Bergman is seated next to the picture of my daughter on my T-shirt. It was my first meeting with Pete. He had some very kind words about my daughter who had died not long before the show. Now they're both no longer with us.
In the 45 years I've been enjoying his work, I always had the impression that Bergman wasn't one of us. He was one of what we wished to be.


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