Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Vegas 7: And the music plays on

After several days of eating during this trip, I noticed that what I had gotten the most enjoyment of wasn't the food but the photographs in 2 galleries, Jeff Mitchum in Bellagio and Peter Lik at the Venetian. Their glowing landscapes made more of an impression on me than anything on my plate. Coming to a big foodie event and enjoying some art more than food reminded me of the old joke, I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out. That's partly because the big event in Vegas wasn't Uncork'd, but a title match between Congressman Pacman (No, I'm not making that up) and some other guy. Apparently 20,000 people were in town for the fight, many from the Philippines where the fighting congressman could be the next president. Images of the fighters were equally as ubiquitous as the Philippine fans. Walking around, shooting reflections (which is what I'm usually doing when the weather's good) and seeing the fight posters reminded me of the Steely Dan song Kid Charlemagne, which they say is about a boxer. So I put the two together. As every server who served me anything in Vegas said, "Enjoy!"


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