Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Vegas 5; Blue Man Chef

Oobear Keller rocked out at the end of the Grand Tasting for 2011. I can imagine what he did in his own place, Fleur, also a party destination on Saturday night. Fleur rocks with its great drinks. I tried their sangria, which is best I had in Vegas, as well as a pear cocktail that was delicious. The absinthe was a better picture than a drink; it's ok if you like liquid licorice. Keller also conquers with small meals; this time I had the fig flambe and on another occasion, the heirloom tomato flambe, a kind of rectangular pizza- best lunch items that I'm aware of in Vegas, it is always a treat to go to Fleur. The experience is even further expanded by the service of Mariso, as generous as Scrooge reborn; the friendliness of Faryal erupts into reality like the Bellagio fountains, and Jill, whom I met only briefly on my last (4 trips in 5 days) visit to Fleur, and who seems to have just stepped out of a Beatles song (All you need is, Love). Wish we had a place this good in Vancouver.


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