Saturday, November 08, 2008

A New Day Dawns

They did it. Our southern neighbours came through. They voted in their own self interest as well as the interests of the planet. Who would have thought? This is the best thing I've seen the Americans do since the Watergate hearings led to Nixon's resignation. This was even a larger revolt against power. The cynic could say everything's so bad Obama will just put a nice face on it. The world ends, but on a Democratic president's shift. Rove still plots a comeback. I'm not one of those cynics, at least not now. I remember the enthusiasm that greeted young JFK, and this resembles that, hopefully with diferent ends. I'm not worried now. Later for that. I wish my daughter were alive to see another person whose parents are of different races achieve great power. I think she would have been inspired, but I'm not sad. I feel like Scrooge in the Alistair Sims movie, when he discovers he's alive and stuns his housekeeper with his glee. It's great just to say President Obama, like your name vanishing from your grave. This must be what it's like when Sauron is overthrown and Mordor goes Condo. I love autumns in general. From my kindergarten days to my daughter's graduation from high school, the fall has meant beginnings. I am filled with energy and enthusiasm to start something new. Obama plus bright leaves and nippy weather and new kitchen to cook stuff to ward off imperriling weather. Feels cylindrical. It is beyond feelilng, as if propelled by higher forces. The universe wants us to wake up.


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