Saturday, November 01, 2008

Friendly Boneta

For the 2nd time, my friend Frank and I dined at Boneta, a fine restaurant in a sleazy part of Vancouver. The last time we'd dined there about a year before, someone was killed just outside the restaurant the following day. Probably the most enjoyable food offered at the Dr. Peter Centre fundraising foody event I attended in Sept was this stuffed squid in lemon sauce. I wanted to have it again.

Thankfully it was still on the menu at the end of October so both Frank and I were able to enjoy its vast goodness. The aftertaste of lemon lingers in the mind for days.

As I mentioned, it had been a year since I'd dined at Boneta. To my astonishment, the server asked if Frank and I wanted our usual table. Having only dined there once, a year ago, to be considered regulars is quite a treat. This is one friendly restaurant.

The restaurant prides itself on its cocktails. On the cocktail menu, they offer to create one specially for you, upon request. I told the server I had a disasterous cocktail my last appearance here, whiskey-based as I recall. She asked what I liked and I said, avoiding whiskey, something citrussy. We decided on this grapefruit drink. It was another disaster. Next time I'll have them invent something for me.

Grilled Ahi Tuna, Kabocha Squash, Peppercress, Shitake, Hazelnut, Truffled Vinaigrette
I told the server I wanted that tuna seriously grilled. She hestitated but the chef was up to the task (not for Everybody, I'm told) and I got this plate of perfectly cooked tuna with enough other ingredients to keep my mouth happily chewing away for sometime. A glass of white wine accompannied the tuna, but it did nothing to either add or subtract from its goodness. Wine pairings are so rarely successful for me, I might as well go back to just having ice water with whatever I eat, as I do at home.

Wild Salmon, Brussel Sprouts, Garlic Puree, Duck Confit Ravioli, Prawn Red Wine Jus.
The bite I had of Frank's meal was profoundly succulent.
Yesterday, I noticed that Boneta was listed as #5 on the Enroute Magazine list of top new restaurants in Canda. This was the only one in Vancouver. Our city has been well served.
I noticed that Boneta will be represented at the Gold Plate competition I'll be attending next week. That in itself makes the event worth attending.


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