Friday, June 01, 2007

May 30th- The 9th Anniversary

The wisteria are in fragrant bloom on the side of our house so I brought some to Bit's grave. She always loved flowers and floral scents.
Steph, a friend of both Bit and Kim, set up a space in memorial to them at Facebook, which is at
In a book of baseball stories by W.P. Kinsella called The Further Adventures of Slugger McBat,
the story "Searching for Freddie" describes a famous base stealer as having "slipped through the cracks of time." That's what happened to Bit too.
In his story "And the dog in the road" in the March 5, 2007 New Yorker, Orhan Pamuk writes, "I must have seen tens of thousands of dogs in this world, and when I was looking at them they struck me as beautiful. The world surprises us in the same way. It is here, there, right next to us. Then it fades, and everything turns to nothing."
Bit won't turn into nothing as long as she's remembered.


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