Saturday, May 19, 2007

The scallops at the Blue Water Cafe

I had some time before the Andersen Project so I thought I'd find a seafood restaurant nearby. Actually, though Blue Water is on the same street as the theatre, it's not close but worth the walk. I was offered a table at the sushi bar, even though I protested I didn't eat sushi. Being only one person, they didn't want to waste a table on me, perhaps.

Although the tuna on the entree menu looked good, I didn't want to be too full for a two hour no-intermission play so I just ordered a couple of appetisers.

To start with, I order a cocktail called a Hello Aloe. I remember the aloe is a medicinal plant. Here it's mixed with rum and apple juice, with slices of apple on top. Tastes rather medicinal. More something I'd want to study than quench my thirst with. When I asks for a wine suggestion to accompany my scallops, I'm offered a Fork in the Road. Better than a chopstick in the road. When the scallops arrive, they look and smell delicious.

Galliano Island Swimming Scallops, smothered with panko and a subtle tomato sauce with lemon and capers. Are there non-swimming scallops? Tastes more intricate than it looks and the Fork goes well with it. The ingredients are quite simple so the quality is a factor of the ingredients.

Even though I'm at the sushi bar, the chair is quite comfortable. Good back support. I need it as though the dish is tiny, I find it quite filling. I can't say I find it entertaining to watch men cut up fish and speak Japanese and I'll have enough entertainment at the Andersen Project soon enough.

Next up, the prawns with fresh urban vegetable salad, ginger, chili and lemmon grass. When I request a wine pairing, the server asks if I like savignon blanc. I tell her, if it's REALLY COLD. The shrimp are BIG. The sauce is COLOURFUL.

Very visually entertaining and the sauce is superb but not actually that much food. I felt full after the scallops. I had some trouble getting rid of the prawn shells, the first bite was more shell than prawn. I can do that at home- at a restaurant, I expect de-shelling to have been done before the food arrives in front of me. Then I made the mistake of having some cilantro with the prawns, which drowns out their subtle flavour. This really does function as a appetiser, making me hungry and I won't have anything to eat for many hours after this meal. The sauvignon, chilled to perfection, carries the meal to a higher level.

To get the cilantro aftertaste out of my mouth, I order a glass of calvados. I began with an apple drink, I end with an apple drink. By "glass" I mean of couple of teaspoons of booze. It succeeds in freeing me from the cilantro so it does its job. Next time I'm here, I'll try the tuna entree.


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