Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wild Ginger

Steph called and wanted to take us out to dinner downtown. I knew that Wild Ginger wasn't far from her new place and had long wanted to go there, so that's where we went. I had noticed Wild Ginger when attending flicks at a strangely empty mall called Tinseltown near Chinatown. The restaurant billed itself as Chinese fusion, which seemed like something worth checking out. Friends who'd eaten there were impressed. The menu seemed heavy on Korean as well as Chinese dishes, many with playful names. Above, Fumiyo feasts on Eggplanet, an eggplant and ground pork dish that she makes, only far bettter.
Steph had a mild chicken curry, which she enjoyed.
I foolishly ordered two things. The tuna in a sweet sauce with tofu was outstanding. The scallops with mayonaise and corn would have been a lot better without the corn. The celery stalks make an interesting image more than a delicious meal. After stuffing ourselves with rather mediocre food, I ordered a pot of rose tea which we all enjoyed. The first time I've ever had this tea. Normally I like weak tea, but this actually improved as it got stronger.
I'd go back to Wild Ginger for the tea, but probably not the food. Tinseltown seems to have great difficulty keeping tenants. There is a food court on the 2nd floor, which you walk through to get to Wild Ginger; and some fast food outlets on the first floor but surprisingly few open stores. Indeed, you have to know Wild Ginger is actually a restaurant in order to enter it. I wonder if they have wild ginger tea?


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