Monday, July 31, 2006

Taste of Vancouver, Take 2

My 2nd Taste of the City, this one unfortunatley without previous Taste companion Frank. At the Plaza of Nations again, a relic of Vancouver's Expo 1986 Even the name sounds like a Communist World's Fair with an audioanimatronic Karl Marx greeting the workers of the world and selling them red T-shirts. The line was around the block, just like at the 86 World's Fair. Once I got my tickets, I had downloaded the menus of the participating restaurants online, so figured I could then save time going directly to what I wanted. Nah.
Fiddlehead Joe's Eatery and Bar headlined Halibut Ceviche, which seemed a perfect beginning. Unfortuately it did not exist. Instead, #2 on the weblist, pork tenderloin with banana vindaloo. Two bites consumed while waiting in line for the next. Thankfully it was the seafood wondon stack from Relish. It looks like a more solid chip but it sort of melts on your fork. Shrimp and vegies. Like having Asia on your fork. I was tempted by the brie & cranberry and the curry seafood hot pot but ate them not.
Another long line brought me to Cassis Bistro. I'd enjoyed its coq au vin and daube de boeuf - both magnificent. I ordered the chicken but a new pot had to be heated so instead I had the last of the daube and the bouillabaise. Finding a place to sit down and enjoy them was another event. And the daube tasted as good as it had at the restaurant. And than I have the boullabaise. It was like the first time a fish met a lemon. It was worth the walk, wait and crowds. The history of French food in a sip.
Peel n'eat shrimp with chippotle-orange sauce posed another seating problem. I eventually settled on a strange stone stool next to a garbage can. I felt like the gaurdian god of garbage, as people deposited their emptiness while I sought fullness. The shrimp were much better than the meal I'd eaten at Milestones. In need of fluid, I had to spend 4 tickets on a bottle of water. Should remember to bring my own water next year. I had some more French food at La Gavroche, beef bourgignon with explosively delicious pearl onions, not quite so flavourful mushrooms, and beef even better than the daube from Cassis. I was running out of tickets and didn't wish to risk the long line again. Not that much more food I could eat. I considered the brie and cranberry from Relish. Desert, as it were. Instead, when I got there I went with another helping of the wanton stack with Asia on it. It kept dissolving the continent wanton. I tried to scoop up India and Pakistan parts fell off.


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