Friday, June 02, 2006

West with Wolowidnyks

Bar Emperor Dave clutches his visiting Ann Arborite sister Elicia, while keeping our glasses full

I switch from the lobster appetiser to the scallop in some sort of upscale pea soup from the daily special menu. Was that really a good idea?

Steph sticks with the Kobe "style" beef


Pink Bream gets juiced

After my previous visit to West in April, I discovered that my cousin David Wolowidnyk ran its bar. Along with his sister Elicia visiting from Ann Arbor and our regular dinner companion Steph, we went back there on May 30th to sample his skills and try other things on its tantalizing menu.
In honour of our common Ukranian heritage, Dave served us his borscht in a glass martini called The Beetnyk. Golden beets. Sprig of dill. Tasted like food, not booze.
I had wanted to try the Pink Bream when we feasted here in April but went with the Kobe "style" beef as the best beef is better than anything else. Steph stuck with the Kobe, Fumiyo and Elicia tried the salmon, and I finally had the Bream, swimming in some sort of sweet and sour juice. All were wonderful.
I had planned to order the lobster appetiser, but upon discovering a scallop on the specials of day menu, I went for that instead. Unfortunately it was only A Scallop. It was a very good scallop, in a delicious sauce, but it was only A Scallop.
After the fine meal, Dave concocted another citrus coffee for me, even more citrussy than the original concoction his week-end guy came up with for my birthday.
It was restaurant-loving Elicia's first visit to her brother's lair and we enjoyed our 2nd visit enough to try even more of its menu in the future. The only sad note of the meal was that our foodie daughter Bit (whom Elciia had once escorted to Disneyland) was unable to join us, after what happened to her 8 years ago on this date.


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