Monday, June 12, 2006

Bistro 1734

The "duck crepe" needed the greens to mitigate its orange/ginger sweetness that washed over my tongue.
Above, a view of the lemon sponge cake with rhubarb sauce. It was as sour as the crepe was sweet.
On top, my mother's tiny scallops.

My parents celebrated their 64th anniversary by accompanying us to Bistro 1734 in West Vancouver.
They used to enjoy the French restaurants near their former house in Sherman Oaks. This was their chance to compare the French restaurants in their new neighbourhood. I'd wanted to try Bistro 1734 since seeing it reviewed in the Georgia Straight.

The daily special was a scallop appetiser, pork ribs and then a lemon spongecake. My mother had the scallops (too fishy for my tastes) and the sponge cake, 2/3 of the daily special minus the pork. My father and I went with the endive crepe stuffed with duck confit and seriously sweet orange and ginger sauce, and Fumiyo went with the onion soup, which she found too greasy.

While enjoying our meal, my father noticed the Eiffel Tour construction photos on the wall and reminisced about their voyage to the top of the tower on thier trip to France. Although Fumiyo and I have been to Paris twice, we never bothered seeing that particular sight. We did eat well, both in Paris and at Bistro 1734. I look forward to the tuna and the pork on the main menu.


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