Saturday, January 28, 2006

LA Trip #8: Fusion

Finally, after two grueling weeks, my last night in LA. My aunt Lea, who had come to help her older sister move and then help me clean out The Palace of Ancient Dust, was also leaving the following day. My father's old real estate partner Jeanet, who would now be selling his house, wanted to take us out for dinner. She asked what kind of food I liked and I said Seafood and Fusion were my favourite categories, as any reader of this blog knows. Fusion is what you expect in Vancouver's better restaurants but Jeanet seemed to have trouble finding a restaurant specifically billing itself as Fusion in the Valley. Thankfully, she found Roy's. The lit torches outside reminded me less of Hawaii than the Tiki Room at Disneyland, but it did say Hawaiian Fusion on the sign outside.
Things did not start off well. Lea wanted soup and a salad, not really what you go to a Fusion place for, and her soup, one small shrimp in a vast bowl was far too spicy. She had to exchange it for something else. I got drenched when the standing menus collapsed on my glass of water, preparing me for returniing to rainy Vancouver the following day. I could have used the instant Niagara to drown out Roy's signature seared Ahi appetiser. I wasted a glass of good chardonay putting out its fire, but thankfully my entree, shrimp and scallops went superbly with my 2nd glass. Jeanet enjoyed her duck, and told us tales of eating duck in her native Denmark for holidays and other festive occasions. For desert, I had Roy's coffee, which was quite good, and Jeanet and Lea had some colourful fruit. It was great to wash all that dust away and do something else instead of filling dumpsters for a few hours.


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