Tuesday, January 24, 2006

LA Trip #4: The Wrong Cat

After Kindergarten, my parents moved to another part of Van Nuys and I began elementary school at Chandler Unfortunately, the school isn't actually on Chandler Blvd, my favourite street in the Valley with its tall trees shielding you from LA's relentless sun.
Driving around the Valley at dusk on this trip, I was reminded how wonderful that time used to be to me when I was a kid. The time between the end of school and the time I had to be in the house for dinner was MY time. It still retains its magic all these years later.
In first grade, I looked exactly like another kid, named Billy Katt.
Billy was always getting into trouble and I wasn't. On one occassion, Billy's mother was summoned to remove the troublemaker from school She grabbed me instead. It was only when she got home that she finally realised what I had been telling her, that she had the wrong cat.


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