Sunday, January 22, 2006

LA Trip #1: Mexico North

Back in LA again. Great to see my old friend, Cliff Kahn, the Sultan of Orthopedic Surgery. Cliff and I were at Chandler Elementary School together but didn't know each other until we went to Milliken Jr. High. I rememeber him as the Big Kid from Chandler, but he doesn't remember being that big. As neither of us is Mexcan, naturally we went out for Mexican food, to Las Fuentes. Cliff had turned me on to Las Fuentes in Jan 05 and we ordered the same menu items, Consome de Pollo and Chile Relleno. The stuffed pepper tasted the same, but the soup this time featured lemon instead of lime. I missed the lime. The lime drink I had with the feast was thirst quenching but didn't make up for the soup's missing ingredient.


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