Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Beachside Cafe

Fumiyo surrounded by Minakos and Bobs at the
Beachside Cafe
Fumiyo met the first Minako when she first came to North America in 1974. The follwing year I was teaching English in Vancouver and went to see the Hollywoody "Japanese" flick The Yakuza with 3 of my students. Sitting behind me was Minako, whom I knew as the girlfriend of one of my students, and another woman I soon learned was named Fumiyo. Later that year her last name was also mine.
Now Minako and her family live in Berkeley. Their visit to Vancouver was a good reason for Fumiyo to invite her new friends, another Minako and her husband, also named Bob, to the Beachside Cafe where Fumiyo and her friends had enjoyed the food.
We did too.


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