Thursday, December 29, 2005

Home on Le Range

Cassis, a French restaurant on Pender before it turns Chinese. Had the coq au vin there in my previous visit. The wine-sodden chicken tasted like ham. Very, very good ham. Pigs reincarated as chickens. This time with Frank, I went for the daube de bouef. Frank's wife Kazu had had it before, and described it as melting in your mouth. That was an understatement. The molecules of beef were in such a hurry to get onto your tastebuds, you'd think they were headed home to the open range. The menu was so French you could make jokes about it. Almost none of this Mediterranean generality we had at Chez Michel. I noticed avocado used several times. If there is anything that tastes worse than avacado, I haven't had it. But Frank survived his Mediterranean panini. His water turned to wine. My noodly Daube was divine. Ten bucks. You can't get a good appetizer for that most places.


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