Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Good Sandwich

Fumiyo had hired the Italian deli La Grotta Del Formaggio to cater a wake for her friend a few years ago. She said all the guests raved about the sandwiches, but she didn't get to eat one. That would change today. She wanted to buy some coffee from a store near said deli, so we went to the deli for some sandwiches early this afternoon.
While Fumiyo shopped for gift coffee, I ordered the medium meat sandwich. On a bun, with pesto mayo on one half and dijon mustard on the other, provalone, spicy marinated eggplant, artichoke hearts, green olives, roasted red peppers, fresh tomato and lettuce-the sandwich was already beginning to resemble a mountain before all the ingredients were topped with enough rosemary ham to frighten my arteries- and all of this grilled. It was hard to carry back to the car. Fumiyo had the same only without cheese and with red onions instead of eggplant on half a foccacia. Although a foot shorter and 50 pounds lighter than me, Fumiyo can eat twice as much as I can. I still have the other half my sandwich left which will make a splendid dinner. The first half was so good I can see it would have been perfect for a wake. The dead would come back to life to eat that sandwich. I think the whole Roman empire would re-coagulate. Romulus and Remus would swear off wolf tits forever after one bite of this sandwich. And all of this absurdly cheap. My mighty "Medium Meat" sandich a mere 5 and a quarter. It's great to see a sandwich taken seriously. Both of us are fans of Quiznos, its tuna, some of its chicken and all its beef sandwiches are fast food wonders (in this case, that's not a contradiction). I can't imagine why anyone would eat at Subway: tastelessness in a bun. No wonder Jared got thin: its like eating a picture of a sandwich. There are actually quite a few european delis around town spilling their lush sandwiches all over the city's waistlines and inspiring gym memberships galore. The sandwich is just as noble an art form as its cousin the pizza, which has enslaved the dreams of foodies everywhere. I will dream happily of this sandwich, or will it be a dream?


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