Sunday, June 12, 2005

I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus

A web article about an old favourite album of mine appeared the other day. Odd, even among serious Firesign Theatre fans, how rarely our experiences of those albums is discussed. This discussion promised to be technical and strived hard to live up to techspectations.
I think Bozos is my favourite Firesign album because it seems to complete the story, began with the title cut of their first album Waiting For The Electrician. The satisfaction anyone would get from a perfectly concluded tale. But even more. It's promise that the future had not been colonized by androids from our future fascism gave me hope. If Dr. Memory had no control over my future, neither did any other false force.
Though they call themselves the "Firesign" theatre, their works liberate us from a world imprisoned by signs. I am no more doomed to a bad day becauce I was born in a certain "sign" than I am karmically hurled over a bridge because of my unluckly blood type ( a popular fantasy when I lived in Japan). Their works are a tool. We can use it to pry open the bad reality we find ourselves in and enter another. And then one after that. I've been listening to their work since it first began percolating on LA radio in the 60s. Their most recent works are what you get when you tune into "the best minds of my generation" NOT destroyed by intoxicants, enchantments and enticements into pablumediocrity.
Discover The Firesign Theatre, if you haven't already.
Whatever bad things happen in your life, you can recall a Firesign line to help you, if only momentary mirth, a reminder that as long as we live, we Can laugh. Of other realms, we know not. Our shared breaths must warm ourselves in the igloo of the now.
Pass that pipe, Pan. The Borealis wanna do some dancing.



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